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In-Game Rules [Last Updated 9/21/17]

on Thu May 18, 2017 5:51 am
Rules Of Continental Roleplay
(More Rules Will Be Applied.)

DEATHMATCHING > Killing a player for no reason at all, will result in a warning kick / 30 minutes jailtime.

KILLING ON SIGHT > Shooting/Hitting a player on sight, is strictly prohibited and will lead to a warning kick / 30 minutes jailtime.

BUNNYHOPPING > If you bunny hop to get away from any situation (fighting, shootout, arrests) it will lead to a 20 minute jailtime.

CS/QS > If you are caught doing either of these, you will be kicked as first warning, and jailed for 25 minutes if repeated.

OOC INSULTING > You will be kicked as first warning, temporarily muted for second warning, if you continue we will have to ban you.

POWERGAMING > Forcing an action upon another player, or acting as if you're Superman, isn't very nice to do. Doing that - Will result in a 25 minute jailtime, and muted if necessary. (Due to /o flaming.)

METAGAMING > Do not mix OOC with IC, and do not say anybody's name, if you do not know them. Doing so will result in a kick, temporary mute or jailtime if necessary.

RAMBO'ING > Running up toward an opponent in order to shoot them better, is not the right way to have a shootout - Keep your distance. If you fail to maintain a good distance between your opponent and yourself, you will be jailed for 15 minutes.

NINJA JACKING > Please do Roleplay at all times, if you jack a car with no Roleplay involved, you will be jailed for 20 minutes.

NON RP CONDUCT > If you are caught doing anything that is considered Non RP such as - Blocking roads with vehicles, shooting all over the place out of boredom, you will be kicked for a first warning, and jailed for 15 minutes next time you do so.

SPAMMING (OOC, PM) > Spamming in either the Global OOC chat (/o) or PM's (/pm) will lead you into a 1 hour jail sentence, as well as a mute for that one hour.

S0BEIT USAGE > Using s0beit here in Continental Roleplay, is strictly prohibited and you will be permanently banned on sight, no warnings.

Provoking > You are not allowed to provoke a player to take action upon you, unless you and the player have an In-Character reason to provoke one another. Failing to abide by this rule will result in a kick, or 15 minute jail time.

Asking For Special Privileges > Asking to be a Helper/Administrator is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent mute, or IP ban if you create an alternate account to ask once more.

Trigger Happy - You will be instantly imprisoned for Server Disturbance if you begin shooting around with no valid IC reason. 20 Minute jail.

Non-RP Stealing > You must
ALWAYS Role-Play stealing. That being said - You need to roleplay stealing a car, or wallet, common things like that. Failing to abide by this simple rule will result in a 10 minute jail.

Robbery Rules

  • You are not allowed to rob a player whom is under level 3.

  • Robbing in daylight is prohibited, you may only rob at night time. (Unless you are away from civilization, you may rob a person then, be it day or night.)

  • Rob once every three hours, if you exceed that limit you will be punished.

  • Bank Robberies can only happen if you ask for Administration Permission, and if they agree to it.

  • You may not rob over $75,000 or lower than $5,000 - If a player does not abide by this, they will be punished.

18+ Role-Playing Rules

  • If you are to role-play any sexual content, please assure that the person you are role-playing with has also agreed to this type of role-play via Local OOC Chat.
  • You may do these types of role-plays only inside of houses, or in a secluded area - Depending on wherever your character likes it to take place.
  • Please ask a General Administrator + if it is OK to begin the role-play, otherwise it will not happen.

Chill Zone

  • The ONLY rule goes - Whilst inside of the CHILL ZONE You may be OOC (without using /b) as you like, if you set foot outside of the CHILL ZONE and continue OOC (without using /b) you will be warned for Meta-Gaming. You may not DM, or be trigger happy within the area, or else you will be jailed for disturbance.

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